Version 2.1.12

Version 2.1.12 fixes following bugs / enhancement requests:

  • FIXED #303: Allow specifying same interpreter for backend as frontend uses
  • FIXED #304: Allow specifying backend interpreter by relative path
  • FIXED #312: Closing unsaved tab causes error
  • FIXED #319: Linux install script needs quoting around the path(s)
  • FIXED #320: Install gets recursive if trying to install within extracted tarball
  • FIXED #321: Linux installer fails if invoked with relative, local user path
  • FIXED #334: init.tcl not found (Better control over back-end environment variables)
  • FIXED #343: Thonny now also works with jedi 0.11

Some of these fixes allow for more flexible deployment options (eg. central installation for the classroom).

See the homepage for download links, and wiki for installation instructions.